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Hiking Outdoors and Discovering Within

X Marks the Spot on Signal Hill


Last weekend I went on a hike. It was not an ordinary walk in the woods. Indeed, it was transformative.

When my family and I relocated to Antigua from Mexico, we did not know what to expect. We came because I saw it as an opportunity to work with students from underserved backgrounds. Due to our then business challenges with creating consistent income, the move also made sense to regain our financial footing.

Within one month on the island, we were unsure about whether to stay. The cost of living was significantly more expensive than Mexico. I was not happy with my job’s policies to support newly hired faculty and their families. Transportation, potholes, housing problems, the list goes on. My family and I experienced a significant number of challenges during our move from Mexico to Antigua.

Fast forward five months, and we are adjusting to our new environment. We ventured out from our community for the first time and went exploring two weeks ago. I captured the family hike and other adventures for the La Vida Lindsay vlog on YouTube.


Before the adventures with my family, I set a goal to reach a location I saw in a Facebook picture. From the post, this spot looked incredible. It offered a mountaintop view of the island’s picturesque forests and crystal blue water. Between my failure to discover the right trail and my children’s fatigue, we returned home before making it to the place I saw on Facebook.

I decided to get out and try hiking this past weekend again. This time, I invited a coworker along with me and left my family at home. My coworker is originally from Zimbabwe and a master navigator. Together, we found the location that in literal and figurative senses transformed my perspective of Antigua.

From the pictures in this post, you can see how incredible the view is from the top. It is almost impossible to separate the blue sky from the ocean below. The lushness of the trees is something out of a fairytale.


In getting out of my normal environment, I was able to envision the larger picture of my purpose on the island. I came to the island to work with students from underrepresented backgrounds and to meet my family’s financial needs. On that mountain, I realized that I had been planted here also to experience unmeasurable growth.

Where do you need to go to discover your potential? It may not be a physical location like a hike through a Caribbean forest. The place you need to go is possibly within yourself to connect to the divine spirit inside you.


Zig Ziglar said, "How can a man hit a target, he cannot see?... Once he gets there, he can always see further."


When I reached that peak in the forest where I could see parts of the island I did not know existed, I accomplished the goal I set after seeing the Facebook post. My coworker and I continued our hike past the point, and we discovered four more similar lookouts. I went past my goal and found other viewpoints.

You have the potential also to reach your goals and beyond. Don’t allow your self-imposed limits to restrict you, your creativity or leadership abilities.

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