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Dear Vizuri,


It’s hard to believe. You are eight years old today.

I am proud to be your father. You are smart, creative, and beautiful. I could not be more happy to acknowledge on this day and every day, that I love you.

Before your birth, your mother and I had no idea what to expect as first-time parents. You arrived two weeks before our first wedding anniversary. How your mother became pregnant so soon after we married in Mazatlán, is a story for another time. It’s a biological story that I hope I will not have to explain to you for at least ten years.

Today, you woke up at 5:16 am. I am not sure why you and your brothers insisted on getting up before 6:00 am and interrupting my morning writing sessions. As I look at your face, it’s obvious that you are tired and could use at least one more hour of sleep. We are living in Antigua this year, and your school is out for holiday break. Your mother and I would understand if you and your brothers wanted to stay in bed longer.


Do you know that you and your brothers served as my biggest sources of inspiration in grad school? Yes, I went through some really challenging moments while finishing my dissertation. It was your presence in my life, your brothers, and mom that gave me the motivation not to quit. The desire to make an impact in our community, so you and your brothers could live in a better world convinced me that fighting to earn a Ph.D. was worth the struggle.

It brings me great joy to hear you speak Spanish. You were the first one we put in school when we lived in Mexico. Your coming home with a smile on your face after your first day convinced me and your mom to let the boys join you in school. By the time we left Mexico, you and your brothers were fluent in Spanish.

We see the time investment we have put in you coupled with the decision to move abroad has paid off. You received your first report card in Antigua on Friday, and you earned an A+ in Spanish. We are going to continue to encourage you and your brothers to see the world and develop your language skills.


Your mom and I often allow you and your brothers to watch YouTube these days. This screen time is intentional. The channels created by Spanish speakers offers another opportunity to practice your listening and speaking skills.

As of lately, you have also taken an interest in Capoeira! This past weekend, we trained together at the Cedar Grove Park and then went to train some more at the beach. It brings me great pleasure to share with you an art form created by our ancestors.


Ok, I am going to stop this letter for now. You just asked me for French toast and eggs. On any Monday that I have work, I would say that I don't have time to make you this breakfast.


Today is your birthday so I will make an exception. Happy birthday Zuri!

I love you.



Thank you for reading. From this post, you can see that my children are central to how I understand myself and my life’s purpose. Do you know your life's purpose? I know it is a big question, and you may not have the answer. It's ok.

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