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2020 Vision, Goals, and Chaos


The latest US and Iran conflict may have you off your game. You usually make time to create New Year's resolutions by now, but concerns about retaliation have interrupted your normal. This post will help you to make goals and develop a plan that can increase your chances for success, despite the political climate.

Start with the end in mind. What’s your overarching goal for this year? To answer this question, you will need to sign off social media, turn off the TV, and stop watching everything that #45 does to elevate his ego, support white supremacy, and stir world conflict.

When creating goals, dedicated time to think in a quiet environment is critical to receiving clarity. Are you struggling with motivation and positive beliefs about yourself? Understand, it remains possible to establish and achieve your goals. You can create the sustainable momentum necessary for achievement in an era plagued by the impeached Trump administration.

The keys to open doors to success remain clarity, accountability, and discipline. This advice that I am offering you is similar to what I taught my students when we used Capoeira and our voices to engage in protest in the year before #45 took office. My second book documents our actions in detail.

Let’s get back to you. How should you start with creating goals?

Begin with clarity. Again, spend some time alone and ask yourself questions about the significance of your goals. What impact will the achievement of these goals have on your life and others? Write down everything that helps you determine the deep-seated reasons behind your resolutions.

Once clarity is achieved, the next step is accountability. You must determine within yourself that you will take responsibility for your actions. Another person can follow-up with you to encourage accountability, but everything must begin with you and your commitment to succeed.

After clarity and accountability of your vision, the next step is discipline. You will need to push beyond your feelings to achieve meaningful, life-changing goals. For example, if your goal is to lose ten pounds by April, then you must discipline yourself to exercise, eat well, and possibly meet with a support group for encouragement.

There will be days when you don't feel like doing any of the small daily things necessary to lose weight. Do them anyway. You can stop hitting the snooze button. You are strong enough to eat the salad and ignore the chocolate cake. In spite of the weather, you can go to the gym or walk outside.

The process of achieving anything of value is not easy and requires sacrifices.

Now, make the time today and divide your goals into two categories, personal and professional. Under the personal category, you should include specific objectives, with deadlines, that reference your body, mind, and spirit. A personal subcategory should indicate improvements in your roles as a spouse, parent, sibling, or friend.

With the current US crisis, one of your personal goals may include moving abroad.

:– ) Join the expat community.

For your professional goal category, list employment, and business objectives for 2020. If running for office, engaging in three protests, or beginning a community initiative will help you to feel like you’re making a difference, write it down! Other examples might include arriving at the office fifteen minutes early or attempting a new strategy to increase profit.

In today’s chaos, it remains possible to make 2020 your best year to date! If you need further help with creating and achieving your goals, explore my coaching services. I am happy to work with you.


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