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Is there anything in your life that you need to revisit? After Brandon Johnson's historic election to Chicago's mayoral office, I feel urged to return home. But this is not about me.

It's about you. Well, it's about us. Do I have your attention yet?

Keep reading.

Have you ever started a promising project and then failed to finish it? Maybe, passion teamed up with distraction and stopped by your house. You know, work, life, one thing or another forced you to shift focus.

In 2020, I lost myself in the field of instructional design. First, I enrolled in the Applied Instructional Design Academy. The informative classes provided a map to explore the connection between learning theories and technology. Then, hungry for more knowledge and skills, I consumed almost every eLearning module on the LinkedIn Learning and Coursera platforms.

Eventually, I found a way to respond to the pandemic's call for dynamic virtual learning content. Equipped with new technological skills to enhance teaching and learning, I created courses, prepared an online portfolio, and acquired contracts to work with businesses and schools.

Then passion screamed like a newborn baby for milk, a diaper change, and attention.

What? Did I lose you? I mean, a loud inner voice cried for me to write and leave the instructional design world alone.

Has that ever happened to you? You made progress on a goal, and then something pulled you away.

After my introduction to instructional design and grasp of critical authoring tools, I felt compelled to finish a book. Last Thursday, I completed the third draft of a 63,000-word manuscript. While an editor rips my first novel and ego into pieces, I am creating virtual learning content combining my writing, video, photography, and fitness skills.

So, this week, I packed my creative bags and reboarded the instructional design plane. First, I watched a video from a window seat, my campus office, about learning theories. Then, I landed in the territory of Bloom’s Taxonomy.



I reexplored how to write clear learning objectives that reflect the intended outcome of a class or course. The video module reminded me to choose action verbs aligned with lesson plan goals.

Sometimes, you need a break from activities. The pause can help you make a better connection in the future.

For the remainder of this year’s blog posts, I will share instructional design strategies alongside anecdotes applicable to your life.

Are you all aboard? I can’t take you to Chicago to experience a new city under Brandon Johnson’s leadership. But subscribe here to secure your seat in my list serve and receive a free copy of my eBook, weekly blog posts, exclusive updates, and other treats to keep you entertained on the journey beyond your perceived potential.

On this Good Friday, watch the vlog episode below to see a video that merges a definition of instructional design with travels to California for the UCLA Med Tech Conference and a Capoeira batizado.


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Chicago in the summer, maybe, Dr. Lindsay. Keep your wings spread.

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