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God's Voice: Running to Listen

A group of runners in a race


Have you ever desired to get closer to God? I'm not asking you to go to church.

Being in a community with like-minded people could work for you. From leading social movements to helping someone lost find their way, I have witnessed the value of the church.

However, what I want to know is more straightforward. Have you yearned to understand who God is for you at any point? A pastor, Imam, Rabbi, priest, griot, or some other spiritual guide's perspective is valuable. Still, it can fail to help you create intimacy with the Creator.

Try running the next time you encounter life changes that probe at your spiritual core.

Running enhanced my physical, mental, and spiritual health during the pandemic. Without many distractions, I paced with my thoughts for miles on dark mornings before sunrise. I had conversations with an inner voice about God, religion, spirituality, relationships, writing projects, and career opportunities.

After my most challenging runs, I returned home with a serene perspective of values, priorities, and where to take my next steps.

You may have a physical injury or a schedule that prevents you from committing to jogging. Decide what you can do for twenty minutes or more on four days per week. It could be yoga, prayer, meditation, reading, swimming, attending a religious service, or some other low-impact mindful activity that helps you tap into the center of your being.

Today, you control your decisions.

If you're able, a run might help you to gain clarity, manage stress, boost confidence, and answer spiritual questions.

Do you need more motivation?

Races serve as excellent extrinsic inspirational sources for beginner and experienced runners. Participating in a 5k, 10k, half-marathon, or full marathon gives you a goal to work toward. Registering for an event can push you outside on the days you would rather sit on the sofa.

I am determined to meet the qualifying time for my age and gender to compete in the iconic Boston Marathon. This goal is one of the reasons that I run on a minimum of four days every week.

Whether or not you decide to jog after this post, prioritize getting closer to God's embrace. Make alone time and ask yourself difficult questions.

You can have "R and R," religion and running, and not explore the spiritual depth of your soul. It's important for you to know God for yourself. However, you get there is up to you.

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"I am determined to meet the qualifying time for my age and gender to compete in the iconic Boston Marathon." May God bless you and keep you safe and sound on this journey, Dr. Lindsay.

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