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A man doing a back flip on the beach.


Let me test your Old English language skills. "Be not as one that hath ten thousand years to live," writes Marcus Aurelius in the classic Meditations. Before reading the following sentence, think about what that phrase means.

I'm sure you translated Aurelius’ quote to acknowledge that you will not live for ten thousand years.

He continues by expressing how death is imminent and the imperative of doing something good with your life.

How to define "good" is different for each of us. Good and bad are subjective; our values and interpretations of life influence how we assess individuals, behaviors, and situations.

Ask yourself, what makes something good in life? Young Thug thought his music lyrics were good, and now they are being used against him in Georgia.

IF it’s true that most people live their lives like they have 10,000 years to live, then I don’t want to be like most people.

It’s important to end each day feeling drained from pouring into causes that are larger than myself. A good day involves writing, exercising, spending mindful time with family, reading, and helping someone. At one point during every twenty-four hours, I also want to press pause and appreciate life.

I don’t think that I am better than other people. Like you, I am different.

Perhaps I’ve got you all wrong. You enjoy doing things like everyone else. You want to go to work the same way and return home to do similar activities. If that's you, then okay.

But, if you want to be different, be willing to stand out.

At 2:48 AM last Saturday, on my 41st birthday, I wrote a draft of this piece. I was up earlier than usual to run a race that started at 4 AM. The before 3 AM rise gave me time to pray, meditate, eat an avocado sandwich, get dressed, listen to motivational content, and write.

This unique event enabled cyclists, runners, and walkers to compete along an 11-kilometer/7-mile route.

I pulled out of my driveway at 3:25 AM. By 3:43 AM, I parked my car and warmed up with a capoeira sequence on the sidewalk. Capoeira is part of my pre-race routine because it fills me with confidence and feelings of channeling the warrior spirits of my ancestors.

The 4:00 AM start time came and went. With at least 60 other walkers, runners, and bike riders, I stretched and waited for another 21 minutes before someone said, "Bikers bike!" Moments later, an organizer screamed, "Runners, run!"

A man stretching.

Two runners sprinted past me as I adjusted my running belt and searched for a starting line that didn’t exist. I chased cyclists and the two runners down dark roads illuminated by the stars and up winding hills adjacent to chirping crickets. I finished 3rd among the runners.

Then I turned around and ran back to my car. Unlike most participants, I needed to take my children to swimming and football practice. Waiting for the shuttle van to return was not an option.

After completing the 7-mile course twice, I had enough time to get the children to their practices. I did more than most people who competed the day.

A good life is having the drive to do something most people are unwilling to do.

That's how I define "good." It's going that extra step.

I didn’t win the race, but I pushed myself without neglecting familial responsibilities.

If most people live their lives like they have 10,000-plus years to live, I will help create awareness and inspire more actions today. Maximize this moment for good works and refuse to settle.

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A bit of a stretch to call it an early morning, jog, don't you think, Dr. Lindsay? Third is very impressive. Congratulations, Dad.

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Yes. I am an extremely early morning riser. Thanks.

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