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Run or Do Something!


When I run, I lose myself. After the first mile, I forget about my pace, the distance I plan to conquer, and everything else. Somewhere between leaving my house and returning home, I find myself again. It's for these reasons and others that I run every week.

What exercise do you like? If you don’t enjoy working out, let's think about something healthy that allows you to escape.

The morning after learning about the lethal stampede at the Travis Scott concert, I went for a jog to process the catastrophe and clear my mind. It’s not acceptable for eight people to die at a music event. Folks traveled from around the country to see Scott and Drake perform at the Astroworld Music Festival in Houston. These thoughts and others crossed my mind as I moved from the paved roads to the sand.

If you could've read my mind on that Saturday jog, you would have seen the additional questions and statements that follow this sentence.

Who knew the concert might erupt into a mass casualty event? Of course, there was speculation due to the 2018 show, but none of the organizers, police, or security detail expected this tragedy.

If it’s not one thing, it is something else reminding us of how valuable life is in 2021.

One of the people who died at the concert was fourteen years old. His life had just begun.

When I experience challenges or the need to process unexplainable events, running is one of my go-to activities. I feel better prepared to write and handle stress when my day begins with a jog.

Last week, I wrote about the importance of rituals to support productivity. Have you paid closer attention to what helps you avoid procrastination?

Like the audience at the Travis Scott concert, we don't know when our last day will arrive. We must use today to engage in productive activities and appreciate the gift of life.

Running has many benefits. It can help lower your blood pressure, maintain a healthy body weight, alleviate stress, strengthen your heart and lungs.

If jogging is too difficult, then identify something that works for you. Maybe you have bad knees or another physical ailment, making running painful. If that’s your case, learn how to swim or ride a bike.

There are aerobic chair classes. A Google search will help you find online and in-person options.

I want to encourage you this week to find a healthy outlet. Whether you have a desk job or stand on the front lines to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion, you need something active to keep you strong for as long as possible.

If you understand the importance of exercise but can find a million other things to do with your time, then dig deeper into your reasons for being alive. Think about your children, siblings, or challenges in your community. They need you.

We need you to do something informed by your education and experiences.

Committing to thirty minutes or more of cardiovascular exercises on three or more days per week may translate to a few more years with your family and opportunities to engage in meaningful work. It can help you process loss and burn excess calories.

So this weekend, run, jog, or walk, and then let us know about it in the comments below.


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