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HIIT To Reset


In about one hour, I have decided that I will do something to turn back the clock on my life. I am going to create an opportunity for my body to get younger. You probably think that I have lost my mind and should get checked into a mental institution. Well, what if I told you, exercise has the potential to reverse the aging process?

I know the idea that exercise can prevent humans from aging sounds far fetched, but there is research that suggests a relationship between high intensity interval training (HIIT) and improvements in cellular function. According to Ryan Halvorson, there was a study published in a journal, Cell Metabolism, that makes a claim there is a significant correlation between exercise and how our bodies respond to getting older. To test this theory participants, between the ages of 18-80, were prescribed exercise plans that consisted of HIIT and weight lifting, or some other variation. Over the course of 12 weeks, observations of the study's participants compared with a sedentary control group took place.

The participants who exercised demonstrated significant improvements in cellular function which impacts how our bodies respond to the aging process. They illustrated an increase in the cells responsible for creating energy called mitochondria, changes in muscle mass, and insulin sensitivity.

The study's results indicated that age is a factor that impacts how the body responds to HIIT. Among the participants, researchers divided them into two groups, younger (18-30) and older (65-80). The older participants appeared to benefit more than the younger participants from high intensity interval training exercises.


I came across this video of a 75-year-old fitness enthusiast who has the physique of a 25-year-old because he continues to invest in his health through exercise. Although, he was not part of the research study mentioned above his example demonstrates the fact that people who are older can still reap the benefits of consistent exercise. I shared this video on my facebook wall and commented, “#lifegoals.” In the comments of the original video, someone responded “Why does it matter? We are all going to get older and eventually die.”

Death is inevitable, but while we are here, we should do our best to take care of our bodies. We do not have control over the quantity of our time on this earth, but I believe through exercise and diet we can influence the quality of our time. It’s important that each of us regardless of age take the time to engage healthy physical activity coupled with mindful nutrition. Whether we are looking for improvements in cellular function, a longer life, or the desire to play a more active role in the lives of our families, exercise is a valuable resource.

Will you exercise today? Leave a response in the comments and follow my well-being content on Instagram.


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