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3 Reasons to Exercise


What motivates you to stay in shape? Is it family, friends, a health concern or some other factor that influences your decision to make time to work out? Maybe, you’re still looking for something to inspire you to get off the couch and into a consistent exercise routine.

Some people enjoy exercise and do not have a hard time committing to the recommended minimum of thirty minutes, three or more days per week, of physical activity. Others are required to exercise as part of a health plan prescribed by their doctor and comply out of obligation. We all know people who choose a sedentary lifestyle, not because they are physically unable to be more active, but simply because they have a choice.

Wherever you are on the spectrum from loving it to avoiding it, it is important that we find a reason to make time for consistent physical activity in our lives. According to a resource, exercise has three primary benefits among others.


1. Reduce your risk of chronic disease

2. Support an increase in feelings of happiness

3. Help you maintain a healthy body weight

As discussed in a previous post, I believe the body is a temple. We are only blessed with one vessel in our lifetime to carry us toward our dreams, goals, aspirations and ultimately life's callings. This philosophy guides my life, and I have found that exercise is critical to assisting me to reach my peak performance in any endeavor. I have my days, where I don’t feel up to exercise, but I’m grateful for people and activities that inspire me to work out.

I work out six days each week, because of the love I have for myself, family, and capoeira. In this life, I know that I have unlimited potential and that my current accomplishments reflect a fraction of the resources inside me. The love I have for my family transcends human comprehension, and they inspire me to improve every day. As a person of African descent, I identify with the origins of capoeira’s history among enslaved Africans in Brazil. I train capoeira, not only because I enjoy it, respect the community of practitioners, or experience the physical benefits. Capoeira enables me to feel connected to my history as an African person. Self-love, my family, and the history of capoeira serve as ample motivation for me to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


If you’ve never worked out, let's start with a short walk after you finish reading this blog post. Look at your reflection in the mirror, or a picture of a family member, or friend as motivation. If increased physical activity is a goal of yours, identify some thing or someone to inspire you and make plans to spend less time on the couch and more time developing a consistent exercise routine.

Check out the latest episode added to La Vida Lindsay that documents my trip to Berkeley, California for an amazing capoeira event.


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