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Sea Moments


Where is it for you? Do you often find peace at home, in your office, or surrounded by books in a library? Perhaps the space to get in tune and reconnect to your higher self happens in nature.

It's okay if you've never considered this aspect of your life.

There is plenty happening that can interfere with time to sit and answer reflective questions. From the former NFL player Sergio Brown’s mother’s mysterious murder in Suburban Chicago to concerns about your family's safety, there is enough to think about this week.

Sitting, reading, and reflecting do not happen every day. Consider the questions in my blog posts as prompts. I write to encourage contemplation and motivate action.

Some call it God, Obatala, the subconscious mind, spirit, or soul. What do you call the voice inside you that only you can hear? If you made one minute in your schedule to read up to this point, take a few more seconds and answer that last question.

Say your answer aloud, then continue with the post.

I often discover peace in the woods, along the shoreline of a beach, or on a random road. Some days, jogging or training Capoeira outdoors brings clarity around difficult situations, unclear ideas, confusing dreams, and ambitious goals. There are also days when I leave the house to exercise with sadness and return filled with anger.

Does that ever happen to you?

Lingering frustration indicates that despite sweating to produce the funkiest of post-workout fragrances, I retained stress. The only living thing that enjoys seeing me after those workouts is the dog. My wife and children distance themselves from me like Covid infected family and friends.

Are you surprised that Covid continues to interfere with our lives? We've had a couple of cases on the campus this semester. Thankfully, Corona has not stopped by my office hours.

Let’s bring this post to an end.

Some might suggest that an inner peace non-specific to any location is a solid life goal. They argue that we should aim to carry serenity wherever we go. If you sit next to me in the car, you will know I am not there yet.

I don’t have road rage. Yet, I hate getting stuck behind slower-moving traffic on narrow roads with potholes. Super cautious drivers prolong the commute. Starting times are often flexible in Antigua, but I don’t like being late.

If you think I should leave earlier to account for any potential traffic delays, you're right. But you also know that's not always feasible.

Speeding motorists who honk their horns seconds before passing you are also an external source of frustration. One reckless driver collided with the bumper of my car last week as he attempted to pass me in traffic.

Now, don't think I am the perfect driver. On some days, I am the slow one in the morning and the road racer in the evening.

Living abroad can teach you patience and acceptance.

With everything happening in our lives, we must find the energy to learn, grow, improve, and care for ourselves. I write in the margins, read, and exercise daily to maintain my status as a student of life.

Join me on this journey from your location by subscribing to this blog. One day, I might help you get closer to your potential.

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Giving God thanks in all things is our goal, Dr. Vernon. 20,000 in the Ukraine now have missing limbs. How can we help them?

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