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Sunday Barks, Biceps, and Beer


Last Sunday morning, the dog barked at two ladies on the road outside our house. The walkers started the week with a few good steps toward improving their health. They picked up their paces as our 130-pound Cane Corso’s greeting transformed into a protective growl.

I observed the dog and the weekend warriors while I stretched to find, copy, and paste the words from the corners of my brain to a Word document.

It was 5:30 AM, and the boys were awake and eager to begin the day. Strange. Without a firm reminder, they started to read before turning on their devices. I often need to tell them to read or write something before playing games or watching YouTube videos.

The caffeine started to kick in, and my heartbeat increased, but I slowed my breathing down. If my body could’ve talked to me on Sunday morning, it would’ve said, “Thank you. Our previous six days began at 3:30 AM to exercise, write, and support your other habits before work and school. You need more rest.”

Next, I went online to find a story relative to health and fitness. Speculations about heartache or a bone condition as the causes of Queen Elizabeth’s death did not fit my topic. I needed something health-related and stumbled across an article about longevity and movement.

Did you know that movement correlates with a longer lifespan? Yes, 150 - 300 minutes of vigorous exercise or 300 – 600 minutes of moderate exercise throughout the week can give you more time with loved ones.

Although it may be hot outside or beginning to get cold, get some fresh air and prioritize healthy activities. Find a friend to join you like the weekend warriors I saw last Sunday. Play a sport or do anything active that you enjoy.

Instead of going to the bar this weekend, visit your local gym. Grab a trial membership or join other people invested in health and wellness. Choose bicep curls over beer cans, and the results will produce a stronger version of you.

Muscle soreness is better than a hangover.

If you need some motivation, register for a fitness event. Perhaps, the pressure of running a 5k race or joining an amateur team in your community will encourage you to exercise. A goal and teammates will help you get off the couch when you don’t feel like it.

Remember last week’s post about the importance of daily non-time to support your most important work; exercise is a great option for you to fill in the non-time on your calendar.

Perhaps, start your day with a workout to support consistency. If mornings are too challenging due to employment or other responsibilities, carve out some time in the evenings. About 40 minutes of vigorous exercise on four or more days each week will help you access the longevity benefits.

Think about your plans for this weekend. Will any activities help build endurance, support strength gains, or stretch you to become more flexible? If you are physically able, add a workout to your schedule.

The NFL season started last week. Perhaps, watching the weekly games can act as a reward for sticking to your fitness routine.

Exercise helps your body thrive.

I took the dog for a walk last Sunday to put some space between myself and a draft of this piece. When we came back to the house, my wife met me in the driveway, waving a plastic device in her hand.

No, she is not pregnant.

My daughter tested positive for covid. Throughout the week, we made sure she was fed, rested, entertained, and able to get some exercise in our yard. Today, she is feeling much better.

I credit God, rest, nutrition, and some movement for her recovery.

Start moving today. Here is an option for you.

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"My daughter tested positive for covid." Paxlovid works, but not available in Antigua. Hope she feels better soon, Dr. V.

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