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2 Halves = 1 Whole

A man running.


What scares you? Clowns are at the top of some lists. Seeing Trump in office despite 34 guilty counts is also a concern for many.


I've seen the film It with a killer clown and witnessed Trump's failed attempts to "Make America Great Again." Clowns don't frighten me, but another round of the orange president is a legit fear.


Reports indicate his campaign received 52.8 million in donations 24 hours after the felony conviction. If true, this baffles me. Until the funds are verified, this is yet another lie spread by his supporters.


While working at home this past week to accommodate the United Nations conference held on campus, I explored fears and recovered from a brutal four-month training block. I returned to the office and gym on Monday with revised fitness and professional goals.


How often do you revisit your goals?


I review my goals once a week. You may follow a bi-weekly, quarterly, or annual process. If you don't write down your goals, consider this post as a sign to start.

How do you define passion and purpose?

Passion is an activity that you enjoy and do for yourself. Purpose is how you use your passion to create products and provide services for others. Think about these definitions when you identify your goals. Both are critical to fulfillment.


A mixture of passion and purpose fuels my exercise and writing routines. Every day, I write and work out. Some sessions are less intense than others, but I always form at least one sentence and sweat from jogging, lifting weights, swimming, training capoeira, or practicing yoga.


In addition to exercising and imagining the dangerous outcome of November's US election, my time away from the office reinforced the purpose of writing these posts, future articles, and books. They empower me to share ideas with you and to make progress toward unfulfilled dreams.


The search for a literary agent continues. I want the two novels on my computer published with a reputable publisher.


On the fitness side of my goals, I want to run the Boston Marathon with my wife and children cheering me from the sidelines. To make this happen, I must meet the qualifying time for my age and gender on a certified course. I must also earn more money to afford the registration fee and travel accommodations.

The two half-marathons I ran in May indicate my current fitness level to run a full marathon. I won the Overcome Struggles Always Half-marathon and placed fourth in the Run in Paradise Half-marathon. In both races, my paces did not meet the mark to qualify for Boston.

Surpassing mental and physical fears is necessary to move into the next phase. We must face the reality of clowns, even if they bear the initials of DT. Growth and improvement are the byproducts of fearless living.

If you're still trying to define passion and purpose, sit or move for a moment today. You might find an answer in your current goals. Watch May's vlog episode below and see a video illustrating how connecting your passion to purpose can lead to multiple forms of success.

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Depends on whether one is running to a goal or away from on as to how we perform. The former takes a lot of determination and grit; the latter is a from what is or might be. I choose the former, FWIW. Thanks for your always thought provoking scenarios, Dr. L.

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Contestando a

As always, I appreciate your responses to these posts, Dr. Parrish. Running to a goal or away from something else can influence grit and determination.

Me gusta
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