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Squid Game Loser


Have you watched the Netflix series Squid Game? After hearing numerous reports on why to watch it, I decided to see what the hype was all about. My wife and I chose to make it our next show for date night after the children go to bed.

My children were excited to learn that we planned to watch Squid Game. For weeks, they have been singing a song from one of the opening episodes around the house. A Roblox game features music from the series.

Thank you, Roblox, for an additional annoying sound that my children love to make at home! That’s sarcasm. I am not a fan of the Roblox gaming platform.

If you read the blog post for last week, then you know why thank you is important.

In Squid Game, a group of men and women agree to participate in a competition that promises the winner enough money to eliminate all debts and secure their financial future. You can compare the premise of the show to your local lottery with a lethal twist. The vulnerable competitors do not realize that they will play with their lives in a series of childhood games that deliver fatal outcomes for every loser.

My wife and I made it to episode three, and then we decided to stop. The violence of the show followed us from our tv room into our nightmares. Psychological trauma was not worth finishing Squid Game for the sake of following the trends.

According to a Bloomberg article, more than 130 million people have watched Squid Game. It is one of the most popular programs that has ever appeared on Netflix.

Maybe, you have a better stomach and head for screen violence. I thought I could separate fictional violence from reality before attempting to watch Squid Game. Perhaps, living on a Caribbean island where less than ten murders happen every year is making me soft! Or, maybe, I drew parallels to images of African and Jewish holocausts at the mounds of dead bodies in a disturbing scene from the series.

I have no idea. My favorite movies and tv shows remain within the thriller and action genres.

Possibly, it’s the combination of debt and death that makes Squid Game difficult for me to watch. I’ve struggled with managing my finances. Burdens of a 30-year mortgage, credit card debt, and student loans played significant roles the decision to live outside the States. The pandemic has also influenced my perceptions of life and death.

While I did not support Colin Powell's politics, it's unfortunate to learn about his covid related death. He was vaccinated and contracted the virus. Unfortunately, no one is exempt from lethal coronavirus complications.

I value my time and life more in 2021.

What about you? Has covid caused you to place a higher value on your health these days?

We lost too many lives over the last two years. The financial balances and emotional gaps that our loved ones left behind are difficult to process. Watching a show like Squid Game does not help.

This is your life. Use your time as you please. If you choose to watch Squid Game, then start your first episode tonight! There's no judgment in the tone of this blog post.

I will not finish the series because I have to take extra precautions to protect my mental health.

If you’ve already watched Squid Game, and think that I am too sensitive, drop me a comment below or share this post with a friend.


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